My name is Kwokwai Sunny Siu.   Welcome and thank you for visiting my website. While I was in college, I took a strong interest in illustration and animation, and I found myself pursuing a degree in the discipline of Entertainment Art at the California State University of Fullerton (CSUF).   During my undergraduate years at CSUF, I have picked up several important elements that would eventually become the backbones of my art endeavor; they were studies of figure drawing, anatomical construction, perspective and composition.   The first few years after graduating from CSUF, I worked as a Photoshop production artist; consequently, Photoshop would later became a familiar tool.   During such time I stumbled upon influential works of great digital artists: Craig Mullins, Justin Sweet, and many more.  I then began to ponder the possibility for me to fuse together my digital and traditional skills into something more unified- that something yielded an unexpected path that would lead me back to school in pursuit of a Master of Fine Art degree. I later attained my MFA in Illustration, more specifically digital illustration from CSUF. My personal and professional goal is to master the art of creating narrative illustration that tells stories powerfully, emotionally and aesthetically. This website will serve as a testimony to my progress and development.