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"Don't you? Well, you will remember that neither of us was to raise any question about the fairness of the ballot."

"Hold your paper by the side of mine," said Pelham as he placed the important document in a position to receive the light from the binnacle when the slide should be moved.

"We shall catch it," added Adler.

When Pelham came on deck, on the day after the exciting event, he greeted Shuffles with his accustomed suavity, and seemed not to bear any malice in his heart against the author of his misfortune. Officers and seamen as well as the principal and the professors, congratulated him upon his escape from the peril which had menaced him; and all commended Shuffles for his prompt and noble efforts in rescuing him. Pelham dissented from none of their conclusions, and was as generous in his praise of the deliverer as the occasion required.

This was a greater event than they had ever known before. The anchor, which was now to be hauled up, was not to be dropped again for about a month, and then in foreign waters. They were going out upon the waste of the ocean, to be driven and tossed by the storms of the Atlantic. They were bidding farewell to their native land, not again to look upon its shores for many months. They were boys, and they were deeply impressed by the fact.

"All the fellows say so."

Suddenly, and without any apparent reason, Mr. Lowington's compressed lips and contracted brow relaxed, and his face wore its usual expression of dignified serenity. Harry could not understand the cause of this sudden change; but his uncle's anger had passed away. The fact was, that Mr. Lowington happened to think, while his indignation prompted him to resort to the severest punishment for Shuffles, that he himself had been just such a boy as the plunderer of his cherished fruit. At the age of fifteen he had been the pest of the town in which he resided. His father was a very wealthy man, and resorted {17} to many expedients to cure the boy of his vicious propensities.


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