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what is sexual reproduction in plants and animals

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‘Yes,’ said Holly. ‘But I seem to be missing a few key pieces.’

‘And why not? Who’s gonna stop me? Little old you?’

Butler wondered why this particular maxim had occurred to him. Out of the hundreds Madame Ko had drummed into his skull, why this one? It was obvious really. He had broken the first rule of personal protection by leaving his principal unguarded. The second rule: Do not develop an emotional attachment to the principal was pretty much in smithereens too. Butler had become so attached to Artemis that it was obviously beginning to affect his judgement.

Chapter 3 On Ice

‘Mulch, I know you risked your life betraying the Antonelli family, so I’d like to give you something.’

Arno Blunt was not unduly worried. This was a bum rap. How long could you be held for having novelty false teeth, for heaven’s sake? Not much longer, that was for sure. Maybe he would sue the British government for trauma, and retire home to New Zealand.

Spiro cleaned his spectacles with the tail end of his tie.

‘What do you mean two short guys?’


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